Who Wants To Be Smarter Than Dancing With A Survivor?


If you travel west of Hollywood on the Santa Monica Freeway or Santa Monica Boulevard, what is the last municipality you will pass through before reaching the ocean?

What is the Indian equivalent of Hollywood?

The famous sign on the hillside consisting simply of the individual letters H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D originally spelled what name?

Hollywood, Florida is twenty miles north of what major city?

Who lives at 991 Shelton Shores Drive in Talladega, Alabama?

Who lives at 5 Buxton Lane in Morgantown, West Virginia?

Who lives at 601 South College Road in Wilmington, North Carolina?

What is the title of the song on Chicago VI following "Something In The City Changes People"?

A good alternative to a surfboard made of foam or fiberglass is one made of what?

What nickname for Hollywood can be anagrammed "STOLEN TWIN"?

What is the name of Hollywood's famous amphitheater whose band shell is set against the backdrop of the Hollywood Hills?

Perhaps the most famous intersection in Los Angeles is the home of the Capital Records Tower and the Walk Of Fame. Complete the name of the intersection with the missing street name:

Hollywood Boulevard and ____ Street

Which of the following was the first movie filmed in Hollywood?
In Old CaliforniaIn Old Mexico
In New CaliforniaIn New Mexico

Harrison Ford landed his first big Hollywood roles after getting acquainted with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. What kind of work was he doing for them?
  1. car care
  2. cardiovascular training
  3. carpentry
  4. carpet installation
  5. catering
  6. chauffeuring
  7. cleaning
  8. computer repair
  9. concrete work
  10. cosmetology

Which of these guys did Sandra Bullock marry?
  1. Al Capone
  2. Bob Dalton
  3. Billy The Kid
  4. Black Bart
  5. Bugs Moran
  6. Butch Cassidy
  7. Clyde Barrow
  8. Cole Younger
  9. Jesse James
  10. John Dillinger

Who Wants To Be Smarter Than Dancing With A Survivor?