Who Wants To Be Smarter Than Dancing With A Survivor?


Who was your geography teacher in high school?

Which of the following is not a major city in India?

Chennai (Madras)
Kolkata (Calcutta)
Mumbai (Bombay)

Match each South American country with its language:
Dutch Argentina
English Brazil
French French Guiana
Portuguese Guyana (formerly British Guiana)
Spanish Suriname (formerly Dutch Guiana)

What is the commonly used name for the country which is officially the REPUBLIC OF CHINA?

The spelling of two neighboring middle eastern nations differs by only one letter. What are the two nations?

What are the eight states that border Missouri?

Casablanca is in which north African country?
Algeria Egypt Libya Morocco Tunisia

If you were to travel by helicopter straight south from Detroit, Michigan, USA, what is the first foreign country you would come to?

Which one of the following is not one of the "seven seas"?
  1. Adriatic Sea
  2. Aegean Sea
  3. Arabian Sea
  4. Arctic Ocean
  5. Atlantic Ocean
  6. Black Sea
  7. Caspian Sea
  8. Danny Ocean
  9. Indian Ocean
  10. Irish Ocean
  11. Mediterranean Sea
  12. North Sea
  13. Pacific Ocean
  14. Persian Gulf
  15. Red Sea
  16. Southern Ocean

Arrange the following major islands in order from largest to smallest
and match each with its description:
Baffin Island Borneo Greenland Madagascar New Guinea
(east of Africa) (north of Australia) (northern Canada) (Danish province) (Indonesia/Malaysia)

Which European capital has a Dr Pepper named after it?

What city boasts being on two continents?

What is the former name of Istanbul?

Well, then, what is the former name of Constantinople?

OK, Smartypants, what's the future name of Byzantium?

Who Wants To Be Smarter Than Dancing With A Survivor?