quotes from the character Ziva

on the hit TV show "N.C.I.S."


My Five Favorite Episodes Of "N.C.I.S."*

  1. the one where Gibbs slaps DiNozzo on the back of the head
  2. the one where Abby shouts "Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs"
  3. the one where DiNozzo acts childishly
  4. the one where everyone pretends to drink from full coffee cups that are obviously actually empty otherwise there would be coffee all over the characters and all over the floor because the actors immediately tilt the cups up to the point where they are parallel to the floor and if you don't believe me try it yourself but I'm not saying that I actually tried it
  5. the one where Ziva gets a word wrong in a familiar idiom . . .

*I also have these favorite episodes of "Columbo":

  1. the one where we already know whodunnit before the police arrive
  2. the one where the murderer is rich and kinda famous
  3. the one where Columbo acts dumb and has trouble finding a pen
  4. the one where he's smoking a cigar no matter what else he's doing
  5. the one where he talks about his wife but you never see her
  6. the one where, after he walks out and the perp relaxes, he walks back in with "just one more thing"