There is a famous person (alive, dead, or fictional) hiding in each of the following sentences. To find him (or her), you must choose two adjacent words, then substitute one letter in each of the two.

A curt word can start an argument.
(Portrayer of Robin on the "Batman" TV series.)

I will add new ones as they pop into my little head.

+   #   =   At the beach, we saw sand dollars, manta, clams, crabs, and starfish.
+   #   =   For his daily good deed, scout Tommy helped me with yard work.
+   #   =   For maintenance on our two-story inn, ladders were a necessity.
+   #   =   George wore some dandy gloves with his foppish coat.
+   #   =   He plays tennis badly, hitting ball after ball over the fence.
+   #   =   His date was a big-smiled, leggy, flaming redhead.
+   #   =   I broke three toe bones while kickboxing.
+   #   =   If his bite is worse than his bark, train him better!
+   #   =   In terms of peerage rank, baron is below viscount.
+   #   =   It still hurts, but it's not as sore as it was.
+   #   =   My toy collection consists of one yoyo, one dreidel, and three marbles.
+   #   =   Of all olympic games, pole vaulting is my favorite.
+   #   =   Peanut butter and grape jelly make great sandwiches.
+   #   =   She likes all things feline: lion, tiger, or pussycat.
+   #   =   Sheila speaks in a slow whine when she gets tired.
+   #   =   Some students find math hard but excel in the arts.
+   #   =   The trail consisted of two bare ruts where grass used to be.
+   #   =   Their place is known as "Love Shack," "Hickey House," and "Kissing Kastle."
+   #   =   To build a better barn, start with better materials.
+   #   =   Usually, a manicurist won't loan emery boards or clippers to customers.
+   #   =   Well, was it a boy bear or a girl bear?

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