Match each person's name on the right to his or her profession on the left.
(You don't have to know these people; just read their names out loud.)
The first one has been done for you.

1. Attorney A. Bart Abels
2. Baby-sitter B. Lou Brack
3. Botanist C. Rosa Korn
4. Cocktail Waitperson D. Stan Doff
5. Director Of Involvement E. Lillian Doke
6. Elementary School Teacher F. Scott Eisenbach
7. Farmer G. Pat Ekayk
8. Heart Surgeon H. Leta Gates
9. Interior Decorator I. Angie O. Graham
10. Lounge Singer J. Sharon Cheryl Ike
11. Mechanic K. Paris Lax
12. Men's Clothing Salesperson L. Crystal Shanda Lear
13. Physical Education Teacher M. Eubie Long
14. Social Activist N. Kerri Okie
15. Stripper O. Icy Oliver
16. S.W.A.T. Team Member P. Jim Schwartz