The appellations MENDENHALL and HALLMARK overlap by four letters. The answer to this puzzle is a string of 42 letters forming twelve completely overlapping names; that is, the string can be divided into two distinct sets of six different names, depending on where the word breaks are placed.

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1. Short-haired ice skater Dorothy (6) 7. Trombone-playing big band leader Glenn (6)
2. Greek god of love, Cupid to the Romans (4) 8. CBS newsman Charles (6)
3. Dodgers center fielder Tom (7) 9. Manufacturer of "the Gun that Won the West" (10)
4. British peerage, eponym of a cigarette, an overcoat, and a sofa (12) 10. "Tom Thumb" playwright Henry (8)
5. Valentino's director Rex (6) 11. Archaeologist William, author of "Bearing Of Recent Discovery On The Trustworthiness Of The New Testament" (6)
6. Militia captain in French & Indian War Jacob, eponym of a West Virginia fort (7) 12. "Big" Queen of the Franks, eponym of a "big" gun and a "big" collar style (6)


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