namesake (n): a person that has the same name as another
namesacred (n): a namesake in the sacred scriptures

For example, the Hebrew name JUDAH is an important one in the Old Testament.
The Greek equivalent is JUDAS. In English, we seem to prefer the form JUDE.
Here are a half dozen men in the New Testament men by that name:

Each clue in the left (numbered) column can be matched to a clue in the
right (lettered) column by identifying a single Bible name that fits both clues.
In each long blank, write the name of the person that fits the numbered clue.
In the short blank on the same line, write the letter of the matching clue.
Caveat: One of the answer names belongs both to a male and to a female.

____________________ 1. Benjamite King   ___.   A. Barnabas' real name
____________________ 2. brought Nathanael to Jesus   ___.   B. father of four prophetesses
____________________ 3. formerly possessed by seven demons   ___.   C. father-in-law of Mary
____________________ 4. original name of Israel   ___.   D. Jehoash's son who became king
____________________ 5. owner of a special coat   ___.   E. Jewish Roman citizen from Tarsus
____________________ 6. Peter's real name   ___.   F. Mark's first name
____________________ 7. self-styled beloved disciple   ___.   G. Mark's mother's name
____________________ 8. Solomon's servant who became king   ___.   H. Samaritan sorceror
____________________ 9. survivor of [super]natural disaster   ___.   I. sister of Mahlah, Hoglah, Milcah, & Tirzah
____________________ 10. widow of Er and Onan   ___.   J. violated by half-brother Amnon

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