Presidents Making Predictions

Here are the names of the first 48 US presidents. The first column begins with The Father Of Our Country and ends with The Great Emancipator.
1WASHINGTON   17A. Johnson   33Truman
2J. ADAMS   18Grant   34Eisenhower
3JEFFERSON   19Hayes   35Kennedy
4MADISON   20Garfield   36L. Johnson
5MONROE   21Arthur   37Nixon
6J. Q. ADAMS   22Cleveland   38Ford
7JACKSON   23B. Harrison   39Carter
8VAN BUREN   24Cleveland   40Reagan
9W. HARRISON   25McKinley   41G. Bush
10TYLER   26T. Roosevelt   42Clinton
11POLK   27Taft   43G. W. Bush
12TAYLOR   28W. Wilson   44Obama
13FILLMORE   29Harding   45Doe
14PIERCE   30Coolidge   46Ray
15BUCHANAN   31Hoover   47Mee
16LINCOLN   32F. Roosevelt   48Fah

Choose any name from that first column. Now spell the name as you progress down the list, name by name. For example, if you choose “POLK,” you would progress to 12 (P), 13 (O), 14 (L), and 15 (K), landing on “BUCHANAN.” Then continue in the same way, spelling the name you land on starting with the following entry. In our example, you would continue with 16 (B), 17 (U), and so on. Quit as soon as spelling the landed-on name would take you past the end of the list.

Now, concentrate on the name, then click HERE.