Pick A Name

DISCLAIMER: I know a man named Shirley, and I've met two women named Clyde. For the purposes of this exercise, when I say "man's name" or "woman's name", I am intending them as commonly used. Just to make it perfectly clear, I am displaying the women's names in black letters on light backgrounds, and the men's names in white letters on dark backgrounds. Each name is also marked with a symbol thus:

INSTRUCTIONS: Pick a name on this grid. Any name, either gender. Someone you know or someone you don't. Then follow the directions given below the grid. In the directions, when it says "nearest", if there's a tie, choose either one you want.

  1. From your chosen name, move the nearest woman's name that's straight up or down.
  2. From there, move to the nearest man's name left or right.
  3. Move diagonally to the nearest woman's name.
  4. Move up or down to the nearest man's name.
  5. Concentrate on that name, then click anywhere on the grid.