Juggling The Books

DIRECTIONS: Match the Bible books in the left-hand column to the descriptions in the right-hand column. To find the connection requires "thinking outside of the ark," as it were. For example, you might have to think of an alternate definition (such as "Job" meaning "gainful employment") or divide the book name into pieces (as in "Gal at Ian's").

  1. Acts
  2. Genesis
  3. Hebrews
  4. Hosea
  5. Numbers
  6. Philemon
  7. Psalms
  8. Proverbs
  1. anesthesiologists' drugs, e.g.
  2. BTW, charitable donations . . .
  3. between upsilon orange and chi grapefruit
  4. DNA sibling?
  5. first stockings, before B and C
  6. in favor of action words
  7. mixed-up cats
  8. the man makes coffee