Texas Town Teaser

In each list of Texas town names, here's the phony!

Texarkana, Texhoma, Texico, Texline, Texon (Texico is in New Mexico.)
Amarillo Ranch Estates, Dalworthington Gardens, Hunters Creek Village
Crockett, Bowie, Travis (But there is a Travis County.)
Angus, Longhorn, Hereford
Cross, Cross City, Cross Cut, Cross Plains, Cross Roads, Cross Timber
Sweetwater, Agua Dulce, Eau Douce
West, Muleshoe, Gun Barrel City, Horse Trough, Cut And Shoot, Circle Back, Lariat, Bronco, Cactus
Alamo, Alamo Alto, Alamo Heights, Alamo Hill
Happy, Jolly, Merry, Smiley
Enterprise, Commerce, Industry (But there is a Mount Enterprise.)
Bay City, Baytown, Bayville
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Detroit, Boston, Atlanta
Hoover, Dyson, Kirby, Eureka
Blooming Grove, Dripping Springs, Living Desert, Rolling Hills, Whispering Pines (There's a ghost town named Burning Bush.)
Pheasant, Quail, Turkey
The Colony, The Woodlands, The Village, The Grove
Browndell, Brownfield, Brownrock, Brownsboro, Brownsville, Brownwood
Chico, Hico, Mico, Rico (There's a ghost town named Tampico.)
Eden, Nirvana, Camelot, Utopia
China, Brazil, India, Mexico, Egypt, Italy
Antelope, Buffalo, Cougar, Elk, White Deer
Clyde, Claude, Cloud
Telescope, Telephone, Telegraph
Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison (But there is a Madisonville.)
Arkansas City, Colorado City, Missouri City, Ohio City, Texas City
Woodriver, Woodbranch, Woodcreek
Delhi, Peking, Moscow, Paris, Athens
Alvin, Simon, Theodore
Burr, Burke, Burne, Burkett, Burnet, Burkburnett
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (And no Neptune or Uranus.)
Zapata, Zavalla, Zephyr, Zuni, Zunkerville
Lone Star, Lone Star, Lone Star, Lone Star, Lone Star, Lone Star (I only found five of 'em.)