A Story About My PA

While visiting Altoona, Pennsylvania, I needed to see a doctor, and naturally there were forms to fill out. If it had been a Medicaid claim, hopefully I would have had prior authorization. Because I didn't have insurance, I had to report my per annum salary. Well, I used to work as a press agent for a rock band, but that required membership in a professional association. Now I make more as the purchasing agent for a manufacturing firm, completing many a purchase authorization for raw materials. Later on, I hope to be a passenger agent for the same airline where I used to work in the freight department, figuring the particular average for each damaged shipment. Anyway, I'm just glad I'm not one of those poor people who has to go on public assistance; I had enough money in my private account to pay for the visit. They also wanted to know whether I had turned over power of attorney to anyone else, which of course I haven't. I sat in the waiting room until they called my name on the public address system. It sounded kind of weak; it probably needed a new power amplifier. When I got to the examining room, I found that instead of an MD, I would be treated by a physician's assistant. Although I was sick, not a hair was out of place, since I take better care of my personal appearance than I do my health. --Paul Anderson