One More Just For Grins


Q. What progressive rock band included Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Tony Kaye, Peter Banks, and Bill Bruford? A. Yes
Q. What did the Zombies advise you to "tell her" over and over and over and over and over? A. No
Q. The song "Bad To The Bone" was sung by George Thorough-who? A. Good
Q. In George Thoroughgood's song, he is what "to the bone"? A. Bad
Q. How many people were in the Classics IV? A. Five
Q. How many people were in the Four Freshmen? A. More than Five
Q. What word did songwriter Arlo Guthrie say didn't rhyme with anything, but you could use "doorhinge" in a pinch? A. Orange
Q. Where is it a good idea to go before climbing on the bus during a concert tour? A. John
Q. What are the names of the first double-named pope, the first U.S. president, and the first Russian celebrity website? A. John Paul George Ringo
Q. What would Dolly Parton never be able to do and still maintain her image? A. B-flat
Q. What would Ray Charles never be able to do and still maintain his image? A. C-sharp
Q. What is the only under-three-minute track on the Ken Schaphorst Big Band album "After Blue"? A. Yes and No
Q. What did Buddy Holly say to his Baby in February 1958? A. Maybe
Q. What's the fifth cut on Zucchero's greatest hits album? A. I Don't Know
Q. In what Beatles song does George say "You stick around now; it may show"? A. Something
Q. Van Morrison left what band in 1966 for a solo career? A. Them
Q. What was the name of the 1960s rock band known for being too loud and for smashing their instruments on stage? A. Who
Q. The albums "Youngsters" and "Sugarbuzz" were recorded in the 1990s by what "christian pop rock metal band"? A. Whatever