What's The Meaning Of This?


The artist names in the list below are non-English terms. For each one, can you name the language from which it comes and its English translation? The answers are actually here if you can spot them. The language for each is one of those in the attached pull-down. The translations are listed in alphabetical order at the bottom, along with some red herrings.

  1. Abba is for .
  2. Bono Vox is for .
  3. Los Bravos is for .
  4. Depeche Mode is for .
  5. En Vogue is for .
  6. Kraftwerk is for .
  7. Los Lobos is for .
  8. Milli Vanilli is for .
  9. Opus is for .
  10. Poco is for .
  11. Procol Harum is for .
  12. Scritti Politti is for .

a little bit a lot a lump
above the noise beyond these things within my heart
baby daddy mommy
bold ones warriors wolves
good voice pleasant feeling work of art
handsome nerdy popular
fast fashion political writing sports news
electric personality positive energy power station