See how many of the odd-looking creatures below you can name. Each is a cross between two famous musicians; the last name of one is the first name of the other. A melded song title accompanies each one as a further clue to their identities.


Walter Carlos recorded "Switched-On Bach," which included the chorale prelude for "Wachet Auf." Carlos Santana is known for--among other things--his version of Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va." So, a blended picture of Walter Carlos Santana would be performing "Oye Como Wachet Auf."*

  1.   After The Falling Star

  2.   Arrow Through Me And Mrs. Jones

  3.   Crystal Black Persuasion

  4.   Do You Really Want To Hurt My Sweet Lord?

  5.   Ice Iceberg Baby

  6.   Love Will Lead You Back On The Street Again

  7.   My Heart Will Go Wanderer

  8.   Said I Loved You . . . But I Want Your Sex

  9.   This 1-2-3's For You

  10.   Wanna Be Startin' Somebody's Baby


Following are actual (not melded) song titles. These songs were done as duets, and in each case the two names overlap as above.

  1.   Even The Nights Are Better

  2.   Whatever Gets You Through The Night

  3.   You're The One That I Want

*The original recordings of this early synthesizer work were under the name "Walter Carlos" but are now marketed under the name "Wendy Carlos." The reason why is left as an exercise for the reader. Check the Official Wendy Carlos Online Information Source for clues.