Quotable Quotes


  1. Spinning Wheel by BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS
  2. Love Hurts by NAZARETH
  3. Daisy Jane by AMERICA
  4. Radioactive by FIRM
  5. All Right Now by FREE
  6. Magic Man by HEART
  7. Brandy by LOOKING GLASS
  8. Twilight Zone by MANHATTAN TRANSFER
  9. King Of Wishful Thinking by GO WEST
  10. Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon by PAUL REVERE
  11. Lyin' Eyes by EAGLES
  12. Fortress Around Your Heart by STING
  13. Somebody To Love by QUEEN
  14. Stoned Soul Picnic by FIFTH DIMENSION
  15. Low Rider by WAR
  16. Mr. Tambourine Man by THE BYRDS