Moved To The Country

DIRECTIONS: Country superstar Conway Twitty started out in pop bands such as Phillips County Ramblers and the Cimarrons before switching styles in 1965. Every once in a while another member of a pop group leaves to become a solo country star. I'm thinking of nine such artists, whom you will find by traveling around the "country" depicted here. Progess from one letter to the next either in a straight or diagonal line. Then see if you can match each name with the names of the groups from which they came.

  G L E N C                               N N
M S       A M P B E L L J               R O I
A                       O H N C       L L   E
I                           O R V I G I     M
L                           W Y   N E     L I
L I                         L E   C     A S
W                                       P
N O                                     J
  D                                     U
  D R                                 C I
    A P P                             E
        E H S G               R Y N   N
              T S L     R E G O   N E E
                  A E D S           K N W
                    S A               O T
1. England Dan And John Ford Coley
2. First Edition
3. J. J. Cole
4. Player
5. Pozo-Seco Singers
6. Pure Prairie League
7. Sagittarius   /   Champs   /   Beach Boys
8. Silver Spur Band
9. Travis Wammack Band

BONUS: The country superstar known as "The Silver Fox" was previously a jazz musician in a band called the Velvetones. What is his name?