Man, Oh Mancini


All seven of Henry Mancini's Top 40 hits were show themes. But each one of them was unique (just like all the others). For each of these hits, choose the fact from the list at the right that applies only to that song.

  1.     Charade       A.   the only one that came out in the '70s, not the '60s
  2.     Days Of Wine And Roses       B.   the only one that had a different name than the show
  3.     Love Story       C.   the only one that is associated with an animated cartoon
  4.     Mr. Lucky       D.   the only one that made it to number one on the chart
  5.     Moon River       E.   the only one that Sammy Kaye also sent to the Top 40
  6.     Pink Panther       F.   the only one that spells a two-word phrase with its initials
  7.     Romeo And Juliet       G.   the only one that was a TV theme and not a movie theme