Who is Al Kooper? No, no, not Alice Cooper! Al Kooper is the guy who worked so hard to have "Time Of The Season" released as a single, even after the Zombies had split up. But this is not his only claim to fame. To learn the others, solve this diacrostic. Find the word(s) that fit(s) each of the clues below, then transfer each letter to the corresponding space on the grid that follows. Work back and forth between the two parts of the puzzle.

A.   Remove, as a word
B.   Wild and crazy guys
C.   Queen's vehicle
D.   Letter carrier
E.   Without a roof
F.   Most "with it"
G.   Non-nutritious snacks
H.   Magazine with Top 40 listings
I.   Midweek time
J.   Brine
K.   Nickname for Kaw-liga or Pinocchio
L.   Wowie zowie!
M.   Robert Palmer's supergroup