Found here is a variety of word games and puzzles based on pop music trivia. Some of the knowledge you will display is as basic as the fact that the rock era's biggest solo hitmaker is . . . Elvis; some of the information you will gather is as obscure as the fact that pop singer Taco's real name is . . . Taco.

Included are crosswords, anagrams, fill-ins, word finds, diacrostics, cryptograms, and brand new puzzle formats.

Some of these you can work right on your computer screen; however, there is no automatic scoring, so you get to check the answers for yourself. Others will be easier to work if you print them out first.

E-mail me if you have a question or editorial comment.

Tip: When you can't complete a puzzle you are working on, go on to another one before looking at the answers. Some answers to portions of some of these quizzes can be discovered in some of the others.

Most important rule: Have fun!

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