Four By Four


Four-part harmony has been a standard four a long time--from our fourfathers on down--and it will probably be that way fourever. Not surprisingly, then, there have been a fourspent number of pop groups with "Four" in their names.

This quiz features four such groups. Four each of them, four clues are given: a Place-Of-Origin clue, a Lead-Vocalist clue, a Name clue, and a Hit clue. It may take a little fourthought to name them all, but I foursee that you may be fourtunate enough to do a fourmidable job. (Although that may not be a fourgone conclusion.)

The grid that follows contains the answers, as well as several other names that contain "four" or a sound-alike syllable. Four instance, "Tears For Fears" would appear in the fourm "TEARS4FEARS". How many can you find?

  1. Four __________
    From Detroit
    Lead singer's voice used four "Little Shop Of Horrors"
    Fourmerly the Four Aims
    Recorded a hit with the Supremes (with a four-word title)
  2. Four __________
    From New Jersey
    Lead singer was Frankie Valli four 15 years
    Named four a bowling alley
    Had four #1 hits and then one more
  3. Four __________
    From Ontario
    Sang backup four Johnny Ray on his #1 hit "Cry"
    Fourmerly sang in St. Michael's Cathedral Choir
    Biggest hit four them was "Moments To Remember"
  4. Four __________
    From Pennsylvania
    Featured Al Alberts four their lead singer
    Started in the fourties at Ye Olde Mill
    Had four Top Fourty hits with "Love" in the title

P.S. Please fourgive my misspellings.


Here are the names of some selected bands, each paired with the name of their FOURth album.

Blood, Sweat & Tears4
Blues TravelerFour
Diamond RioIV
Huey Lewis & The News   Fore!

The group most famous for numbering instead of naming their albums is Chicago. What is the name of their FOURth album?