Puzzle One

1.C   2.G   3.J   4.B   5.D   6.H   7.F   8.E   9.I   10.A

Puzzle Two

1.I   2.J   3.E   4.A   5.G   6.H   7.F   8.B   9.D   10.C

Puzzle Three

1.F   2.D   3.E   4.G   5.B   6.C   7.A

Booker T. = scientist & author of "Up From Slavery"
Cinderella = fairy tale stepdaughter
Crazy Horse = vanquisher of George Custer
Davy Jones = spirit of the sea
Dead Kennedys = president & also-ran
Duran Duran = villian in "Barbarella"
Edward Bear = "Winnie The Pooh" character
Engelbert Humperdinck = German romantic composer
Gladstone = British statesman
Jethro Tull = agronomist who popularized crop rotation
King Cole = Mother Goose character
Lynyrd Skynyrd = phys ed teacher in Jacksonville
Madonna = Virgin Mary in art
Marc Anthony = Roman general & companion of Cleo
Marilyn Manson = sex symbol & serial slayer
Paul Revere = Revolutionary War hero
Rembrandts = Dutch master & namesakes
Rufus = son of Christ's cross bearer
Sister Hazel = missionary to the homeless
Starbuck = rainmaker
T'Pau = Vulcan princess
Tesla = electrical engineer & inventor
Thompson Twins = detectives Dupond & Dupont
Tiny Tim = "Christmas Carol" character
Tom Jones = bawdy literature character
Toto = Dorothy's dog
Uriah Heep = "David Copperfield" character