Dynamic Duos


Many pop groups, though using many musicians to record and perform live, are centered around just two members and are considered duos. If we separate them, they are harder to recognize. In the left-hand column below you will find the names of ten duos that have been split. Put the names back together in the grid at the bottom, then fill in the letters of the members from the right-hand column.

!   A. Dan Ackroyd
AIR   B. Walter Becker
AME   C. Gerry Beckley
ART   D. John Belushi
BLUES   E. Dewey Bunnell
BOY   F. Donald Fagen
BRANDTS   G. Bobby Hatfield
BROTHERS   H. Russell Hitchcock
BROTHERS   I. Annie Lennox
DAN   J. Bill Medley
EURYTH   K. George Merrill
HE   L. George Michael
MEETS GIRL   M. Andrew Ridgely
MICS   N. Shannon Rubicam
REM   O. Graham Russell
RICA   P. Phil Solem
RIGHTEOUS   Q. Dave Stewart
STEELY   R. Danny Wilde
SUPPLY   S. Ann Wilson
WHAM   T. Nancy Wilson