Different Drums


The lead guitarist shouldn't get ALL the attention. Gary Lewis (of The Playboys) played drums, as did Dave Clark (of The Five). Try these two puzzles dealing with the percussion section.

Fame . . .

For each of the following groups, name the drummer who fits the description given. If you don't know all of them, the grid below will help. The names can be placed in there, starting in the bottom right corner and written backward. (In other words, the first name starts with "DON.") Names may continue over line breaks and may start and stop in the middle of the "forward" words.

1. Eagles a lead singer with successful solo career
2. Faron Young Band singer-songwriter with several "novelty" hits
3. Rare Earth lead singer and co-founder with Persh and Bridges
4. Genesis lead singer with parallel solo career
5. Elton John Band briefly successful solo artist
6. Beatles successful solo artist who appeared in several movies
7. Blood Sweat & Tears producer, music reporter, record company exec
8. Monkees a lead singer who had been a child TV star
9. Chicago co-founder who conceived the "horn-rock" idea
10. Vanilla Fudge drummer with Cactus, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Blue Murder, etc
11. Def Leppard original member who continued to drum after losing his arm
12. L T D soloist who sang "On The Wings Of Love"
13. Blue Notes solo artist, later paralyzed
14. The Band outspoken author of group's "autobiography"
_ L E _ N O V E L S _ A _ _ R E D _ _ P Y D _ _ T E N
R O B S O Y _ _ F F _ _ N E L L _ _ C I R E _ I _ P A
E N _ _ R A C E _ _ _ P A R E S _ E I N A D Z _ E L _
D Y E _ _ _ M Y _ M O L _ C Y _ B O B _ R A T S O G _
_ _ N O S _ _ _ L E G I N _ N I L L _ _ L I _ _ A R E
_ I R E _ _ P R E L L _ _ _ E G O R Y E _ _ E H N O D

. . . And Misfortune

Several famous drummers have had premature deaths. For each person listed, choose from the drop-down list. Some answers will be duplicated.

  1. John Bonham of Led Zeppelin
  2. Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters
  3. Eric Carr of Kiss
  4. Marvin Gaye of The Marvelettes
  5. Jim Hodder of Steely Dan
  6. Al Jackson of Booker T. & The MG's
  7. Robbie McIntosh of Average White Band
  8. Keith Moon of The Who
  9. Ricky Nelson of B-52's
  10. Jeff Porcaro of Toto
  11. Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys