Chip Off The Old Block


Answer each question concerning a musical parent-child combo.


Dad Pat is one of the all-time hit artists, but daughter Debbie only had one top forty record. What is their last name?

  1. Julian Lennon is the son of John Lennon, but not of Yoko Ono. What is his mother's name?
  2. Who is Judy Garland's singing daughter?
  3. Carla said "Gee Whiz Look At His Eyes;" her father Rufus had said "Do The Funky Chicken." What is their last name?
  4. Comedian and singer Jerry Lewis had a son in pop music. Who?
  5. Arlo Guthrie (Alice's Restaurant) is the son of what famous folk singer?
  6. Ziggy and his siblings followed in their father Bob's reggae footsteps. What is their last name?
  7. Ric Ocasek of the Cars has a son who sang "Real Wild Child" on the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack, but he spells his last name "Otcasek." How does he spell his first name?
  8. What father-daughter team recorded "Unforgettable" in separate sessions forty years apart?
  9. Darryl of The Captain & Tenille is the son of noted orchestra conductor Carmen who?
  10. Frank Zappa was a Mother of Invention and a father of four: Ahmet, Diva, Dweezil and who?
  11. Mrs. Pat (Shirley) Boone came from from a musical family, too. Who was her dad?
  12. Frank was famous for his eyes; his daughter Nancy had famous boots. What is their last name?
  13. Who is Johnny Cash's daughter who worked in his road show before going solo?
  14. Ozzie was a bandleader who had a son Ricky who was a teen idol who had twin sons who became hard rockers. What is their last name?
  15. Joseph Williams of Toto has a father famous for his movie music. What is his name?


Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and John and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas And The Papas parented Wilson Phillips. Supply the last name for each member of the trio.