Cause-Word Puzzle


Some acts have been put together mainly for the purpose of championing some cause. Descriptions of five such efforts are given below, with blanks to fill in with the names. Each of the fourteen words to be supplied appear in the crossword puzzle that follows.

  1. All-star group organized by Bob Geldorf of the Boomtown Rats to assist famine relief in Ethiopia.
    46-Across 47-Across
  2. Benefit led by David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner during the Persian Gulf War.
    25-Down 24-Down 9-Across
  3. Collection of 46 major artists formed to help the suffering people on two continents.
    40-Down 4-Down 3-Across
  4. Gathering of Canadian comedians and singers who recorded for the "We Are The World" album.
    30-Across 45-Across
  5. 1985 effort to protest South Africa's government and to support its political prisoners.
    33-Across 28-Down 8-Down 10-Down

Puzzle Grid

  1. Class formerly taught by Ann Murray
  2. Toto hit about the dark continent
  3. Apathetic Elton tune "I Don't ____"
  4. Long song, like the one to Billy Joe
  5. Color without a rhyme
  6. Dry with heat
  7. Gospel artist Mylon __Fevre
  8. Love me / leave me conjunction
  9. Unseen speaking role
  10. Atlanta Rhythm Section's "So ____ You"
  11. Phish's home st.
  12. Frankenstein's assistant
  13. Coin in Debussy's home country
  14. Beatles' music publisher ________ Songs
  15. Musicians, painters, dancers, etc.
  16. The Russler's alma mater
  17. England's Rose in "Candle In The Wind 1997"
  18. Massive layoff
  19. M- or SC-
  20. Wire service
  21. Mighty Golden Bells album "____ Awhile"
  22. Kleenex, e.g.
  23. They went out in Georgia one night
  24. Musical group or wedding ring
  25. Help or helper
  1. Type of cause many sing about
  2. 10,000 Maniacs' "Our Time In ____"
  3. Homophone of this number
  4. Grand Funk's type of crossing
  5. Glenn Miller's home st.
  6. Wolf Blitzer's employer
  7. Bob Seger's "_______ The Wind"
  8. Racist policy in South Africa
  9. Frank Sinatra's Pack
  10. Wear away
  11. McKenzie Brothers' question
  12. Therefore (Latin)
  13. Acct's column name
  14. Backup singer's syllable
  15. Cartoon raccoon
  16. Shania's "____ Don't Impress Me Much"
  17. Song producers?
  18. Elephant or walrus teeth
  19. "______ We Stand"
  20. Begin or be surprised
  21. Dept. concerned with public health
  22. Abbey, or Long & Winding (abbr.)
  23. Arby's or A&W purch.
  24. Another 41-Across
  25. Home country of Foreigner
  26. Dolly Parton's home st.
  27. Victims of 37-Across need it (abbr.)