"as much fun as shooting monkeys in a barrel"

--Gary Swing

A car comes up behind you, flashing his horn.
Aaron Colwick
a heart as big as gold
Kathy Scott
A leopard can't change his stripes.
Al Gore
A rolling stone is worth two in the bush.
David Beck
A stitch in time is worth a pound of cure.
John_Nutting's ex-girlfriend
An automatic process failed. I'm going to have to kick it off by hand.
The Russler
and, for the cherry on top, great sound & production that's crisp like a crunchy apple.
[as if] it would somehow bring the public school system crumbling to its knees.
Mark Davis
as proud as pea soup
The Russler
beyond the question of a doubt
biting the hand that rocks the cradle
Sherri Barber
¡Botó la casa por la ventana!
(It threw the house out the window!)
Latin American saying used when someone throws a lavish party
Brilliant sunshine rained down on Fort Collins.
Rush Limbaugh
But one has to tidy up the loose ends.
Agatha Christie
Button your seat belts.
Rush Limbaugh
Can't you read the handwriting in the wind?
Frank Burns
Change is now baked into the fabric of EDS.
Dick Brown, cooking & sewing expert
changes that will ignite our engines of growth
Dick Brown, with some explosive ideas
David's come out of this one looking like a rose.
Dennis Malley
Dirty laundry is coming home to roost.
Ray Romano
Do you follow where I'm coming from?
Does that play into the equation?
anonymous sportscaster
Don't burn your bridges till you come to them.
a general during WWII
Don't eat with your mouth full!
Russell McLaughlin's parents
Don't pull the axe too quickly.
Don't take any wooden Indians.
The Russler
Drill that message home.
someone at EDS
Even in a sewer, the cream rises to the top.
Charles Emerson Winchester
Everything got real dark, like snow.
witness to the World Trade Center collapse
everywhere you turn around
a college senior
fewer and fewer in between
Frankly, we don't know whether to wind the watch or to bark at the moon.
Dan Rather
from the bottom on down
get the kinks rolling
George Harper
Go ahead. Spew it off your chest.
Jeff Feath
Have a nice day job.
The Russler
Haven't we beat that with a dead stick?
Todd Bruce
He came out of it smelling like a bandit.
He can cry on a dime.
He clams up tighter than a drum.
Alex, in "Walker, Texas Ranger"
He kind of liked Alison, but Heather didn't really flip his whistle.
He reads like a fish.
a New Yorker who claims that people there use a lot of different verbs in "He/she ______s like a fish."
He took to it like a fish out of water.
Michael Ellis
He wanted to get out from under his father's coat strings.
He's been burning the midnight oil at both ends.
someone from England
He's cooking his goose deeper and deeper.
Kathy Scott
He's one brick short of the whole nine yards.
The Russler
He's really low dog on the totem pole.
He's the meanest man on the face of the universe.
someone at EDS
. . . her last day as an eagle . . . flying off to greener pastures . . .
Steve P.
Here we are in the Holy Land of Israel -- a mecca for tourists.
someone from England
Hold the Farm!
The Russler
How would I feel if I were sitting in your shoes?
I could see you itching at the bit.
The Russler
I didn't have two minutes to rub together.
I don't want that monkey around my neck.
John_Nutting's ex-girlfriend
I dozed in and off.
Jeff Feath
I feel the comparison paints Chicago in a bad light.
I guess I threw a cog in the wrench.
Jeannette Scott
I guess the foot's on the other hand now!
Capt. Striker
I have been torn betwixt and between the devil and the deep blue sea.
I knew enough to realize that the alligators were in the swamp and that it was time to circle the wagons.
Rush Limbaugh
I left the door wide open, and you didn't take the bait.
Kyle Messerschmitt
I thought it might be a good idea for you to check base with him.
I want to be sure we don't build ourselves a bag of worms.
I wanted to come out of the chute on the right foot.
John Mabry
I wish they'd hurry up and get their act in gear.
I will miss seeing him around the shoehorn.
council member in Lexington, Kentucky
I should move to the other side of the building, so I can see the sunset come up every morning.
Kyle Malone
I'd walk a mile in a camel's shoes to pass through the eye of a needle.
Gary Swing
I'll bet she has her clothes made by Orville, the tent maker.
John_Nutting's ex-girlfriend
I'm bone empty.
Jeff Feath
I'm getting up on my feedbox here.
I'm going to go ahead and mow and get it out of the over with.
The Russler
I'm no Monday morning shortstop.
radio advertiser
I'm not trying to poke holes at anybody.
I'm so busy, I don't know whether I'm coming or not.
a top level business exec
I'm sweating like a stuck pig.
Sherri Barber
I'm tired of being a pawn in your lousy game of checkers!
Vinnie Faducci
I've been up and down so many times that I feel as if I'm in a revolving door.
I've got an ace up my nose.
Ken Zotigh
If he doesn't carry Florida, Slim will have left town.
Dan Rather
If they do that, they might as well take the open door policy and throw it right out the window!
If you don't wear your seat belt, you're just a missile waiting to happen.
Christine Wick
If you let that sort of thing go on, your bread and butter will be cut right out from under your feet.
British foreign minister Ernet Bevin
Ignorance is golden.
Gary Swing
In about six months I'll be knocking on your shoulder.
Is that going to throw a wrinkle?
David Beck
Is this a whole nother bucket of worms?
Isn't it nice to not have to look over our backs anymore?
anonymous, quoted by Sherri Barber
It ain't a pretty sight for the ears.
It dawned across my head.
It isn't rocket surgery!
Michael Kirk
It kind of defeats the whole point.
someone in a business meeting
It looks like the cows have come home to roost.
Frank Drebbin
It sent goosebumps up my spine.
It sounds good on paper.
The Russler
It was time to get my act in gear.
It will be music to your wallet.
It will have a special time on our plate.
Robert K. Oglesby
It'll be a cold day in January when that happens!
John_Nutting's ex-girlfriend
It's a big nut to swallow.
It's a Hallmark moment!
Ann Jewell
It's as plain as the egg on your face.
The Russler
It's as American as killing two birds with one apple pie.
Gary Swing
It's gonna snowball through the whole fireworks.
It's like a wizard in sheep's clothing.
just to throw some evidence on the fire
business meaning attendee
Keep your nose up!
kicking off the hockey season
kill two birds with one egg
Let's clear up a loose end.
Rush Limbaugh
Let's make sure we're all talking off the same sheet of music.
Let's not put all of our cookies in a basket.
life, liberty, and the pursuit of justice for all
Johnny Cochran
Listen! You smell something?
Ray Stantz
living from hand to mouth like the birds of the air
Sir Boyle Roche
long road to hoe
Loose lips sink like a rock.
Gary Swing
Make like a tree and head out.
Necessity is the mother of strange bedfellows.
Now I'm going to tell you something that'll really throw a kink in the wrench.
Now that the ball is in our court, let's go for the touchdown.
a lieutenant governor-elect of New Mexico, I forget which
No use beating him over the head with a dead horse.
not without a grain of sugar
nothing out of the unusual
Nuke The Unborn Gay Whales
bumper sticker
one hundred degrees better
someone in a committee meeting
Our methodology isn't cast in stone.
Our organization really frowns down on that.
Players' names should be entered in numeric order.
a league's instructions to coaches
Put that in your hat and smoke it.
raining like a sieve
right between the nose
right there on the tip of my brain
David R. Scott
She flew off the deep end.
She has bigger dogs to fry.
Ken Zotigh
She may want to tackle that battle.
Silence is bliss.
smoking like a sieve
Someone's going to hang from the yardstick for this.
radio advertiser
Sometimes they bite the farm.
Ken Zotigh
Spare the rod; spoil the broth.
The Russler
Start at the 40,000-foot level, then drill down.
various IT managers
step up to the plate and pick up the gauntlet
Dave Musgrave
stirred the sea into a bowl of boiling cauldron
Robert Taylor
surfing the Infobahn [information superhighway]
Stan Kelly-Bootle
tackle that hurdle
Take the ball by the horns and run with it.
Take time to stop and smell the tunnel at the end of the rainbow.
The Russler
That doesn't mean it's written in gold.
Kathy Scott
That put a monkey in the wrench.
Debra Bentley (who did it on purpose before knowing about this book)
That really hacks me to a crisp.
Jeannette Scott
That was a dialog we started down.
That will round out the triangle.
unnamed novelist
That will open up a whole new can of issues.
Frank Velez
That's the one that really swayed me over.
KSCS deejay
That's using your head for something besides a footstool.
Jeannette Scott
The ball stops in Dayton.
The beer flowed like wine.
someone on TV
The bottom line boils down to . . . 
The deputy was willing to cut him a break.
The early bird gathers no moss.
The folks in St. Louis burnt the midnight candle to resolve the issues.
someone in a memo
The House Of Seven Ushers
Kathy Scott
The intention is to get a jumpstart on it.
The Maxeys' house deal fell through, so they're back to Ground Zero.
Kathy Scott
The rain is coming down like gangbusters!
David Beck
The rain was coming down in droves!
someone who prefers it to rain cats and dogs, not cattle
The ship of state has a difficult road ahead.
unnamed politician
The squeaky wheel wins.
There are things that will really sink home with you.
There's a silver lining in all that red ink.
NBC5 news anchor Mike Snyder
These two guys are cut out of the same mold.
They counted the votes until the cows had literally gone to sleep.
Dan Rather
They gave him a raw shake.
They need to wake up and smell the music.
They paired off, one by one.
John Scott
They try to balance a fine line.
They'll never buy the cow if they can get the eggs for free.
They're a legend before their time.
radio advertiser
Things are different when you have fifteen people on your plate.
Sam Mihdawi
This is a race where you can turn a corner, and then there'll be another team right there breathing down your throat.
Wil on "The Amazing Race"
This is just a nightmare waiting to happen.
Kathy Scott
This isn't set in stone.
lots of people
This snowball is coming down the mountain with a full head of steam.
to get the buy-off of the business partner
a techie wanting buy-in and sign-off simultaneously
to the max degree
Rush Limbaugh
up a tree without a paddle
a Walt Disney character, I forget which
We all act as one heartbeat.
Yugo foreign minister Nebojsa
We can still hang our heads high.
member of U.S. men's 4x100 Olympic team
We drove a stake in the stand.
someone in my office
We just keep getting the tail end of the stick.
Lancaster,_Texas Mayor_Margie_Waldrop
We need to get a vaccuum cleaner and hose him down.
David Beck
We need to have photographic ears.
We need to look at it before the other eyes set foot on it.
We need to sit down and walk through some things.
Ken Zotigh
We raised it to new depths.
anonymous Toastmaster
We want to brand the Renascence name to the eyeballs in the chairs.
a salesman
We'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
We'll rewind the calendar.
anonymous deejay
We're cooking on all four cylinders.
Robert Oglesby
We're going to get locked into a corner.
We're still getting our feet wet on getting rolling here.
What a dirty trap!
when we cross that path
when you boil it down to its nuts and bolts
Ken Zotigh
While we are ingesting the author's valuable insights, we may also be swallowing his blind spots.
Robert K. Oglesby
Why don't you wear that turtle-hair sweater or that herring-tooth jacket?
Schell Browning
windy as a hornet
without fear of hesitation
John Popper
You are wise behind your ears.
The Russler
You buttered your bread, now sleep in it!
Jiminy Cricket
You can dish it out, but you can't take it with you.
The Russler
You can take that to the bank and smoke it.
Stephen J. Cannell
You could take that guy with a grain a salt.
You have to dance to a different drum.
Laura Schlessinger
You hit the nail on the dot.
You must have ears like an eagle.
someone in "The Fugitive"
You need more sugar to get your brain circulating.
Dave Beck
You were at your wit's nerve.
You're fighting upstream.
You're not pointing blame?
Your car plays a link in your normal daily routine.
radio advertiser

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