What's In A Name?

People tend to call me "Russ" for short.
That's okay, but I've decided to spell it "LOGHCZ."
  • LO as in COLONEL
  • GH as in EDINBURGH
  • CZ as in CZAR

Mismatched names:
name note location
Carlos O'Kelly's Mexican Cafe Wichita, Kansas, USA
Jesus Hiromoto surgeon Valdosta, Georgia, USA
Sushi Loco Japanese restaurant
"with a touch of Southwest traditions"
Richardson, Texas, USA

Businesses with appropriate names:
name business location
D'Carbo caterer DFW, Texas, USA
Dedman hospital Farmers Branch, Texas, USA
Getter & Baker crematorium Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Getwell & Dunn church Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Mustee shower manufacturer Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Pui Kee restaurant Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Redskins high school mascot
(Name was chosen by the students.)
Teec Nos Pos, Navaho Nation, USA
Sam & Ella's restaurant Tahlequah, Oklahoma, USA
Stagger's lounge Huntsville, Alabama, USA
The Enablers rock band whose leader's day
job is at a wine & spirits store
Dallas, Texas, USA
Thurston discount beverage retailer Plano, Texas, USA
Yumi ice cream distributor Houston, Texas, USA

People whose names are appropriate to their situations:
name job hometown
Stormi weather girl on KUTV Logan, Utah, USA
Punch Andrews record producer
("Punching" is a recording term.)
Birmingham, Alabama, USA
W Bacon grocer somewhere, USA
Rob Banks alleged bank robber; convicted, then released,
because the judge was afraid of jury bias
somewhere, Australia
Carl Barks cartoonist who created Beagle Boys Grants Pass, Oregon, USA
Sonny Bass wildlife expert Everglades, Florida, USA
Tito Beveridge bottler of booze Austin, Texas, USA
M Blood policeman in Carter Blood Care ads
because he was shot and required 190 units
somewhere, USA
Usain Bolt sprinter Trelawny Parish, Jamaica
Kay Bone nurse Valdosta, Georgia, USA
John Boozer a man who said that a neighborhood protest
of a rowdy bar district was "ridiculous"
Bloomington, Indiana, USA
L Bueno Spanish teacher Mesquite, Texas, USA
Dr Chopra the doctor who circumcised my grandson Wichita, Kansas, USA
Marietta Clinkscales Duke Ellington's piano teacher Washington, D.C., USA
Margaret Court professional tennis player Perth, Western Australia, Australia
George Crum chef Saratoga Springs, New York, USA
Dr Dockter veterinarian Dickinson, North Dakota, USA
Creflo Dollar preacher who owns two Rolls-Royces,
two multi-million dollar homes, and a private jet
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
C Fear host of TV show about surveillance cameras The Learning Channel
David Friesen
(pronounced "Freezin'")
guest speaker in Dallas on the rare occasion
of a temperature below 32°F
Camrose, Alberta, Canada
Robert Frost poet who wrote about a "snowy evening" Ripton, Vermont, USA
Alexander Garden botanist Charleston, South Carolina, USA
F Granite construction engineer somewhere, USA
Mentor Graham teacher Greensburg, Kentucky, USA
Bill Green Federal Reserve employee
who taught my "Money and Banking" class
Dallas, Texas, USA
Harry Head 1960s rock & roll musician somewhere, Nebraska, USA
K Helpenstill social worker Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Sue Hicks small-town lawyer
(and the original boy named Sue)
Dayton, Tennessee, USA
Donna Hinderer bus driver & Trump supporter who allegedly sabotaged her bus to avoid driving a group to an anti-Trump demonstration Marietta, Ohio, USA
John Holden plumber
(As in, "How's yer john holdin' out?")
Dallas, Texas, USA
Jim Horn saxophone player Los Angeles, California, USA
Mr Horn automobile dealer Malvern, Arkansas, USA
Ed Hotz fire chief Richardson, Texas, USA
Dr Hurt physician Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Dr Will Hurt dentist somewhere, USA
O Hussey young actress who gave a nude portrayal of Juliet Hollywood, California, USA
Drew Justice defense attorney Wiliams County, Tennessee, USA
Alicia Keys R&B piano player New York City, New York, USA
J Lacey shoe manufacturer somewhere, USA
J Lamb sculptor of animals Washington state, USA
A Landman real estate agent Miami, Florida, USA
Cardinal Law Roman catholic official investigated by the courts Boston, Massachusetts, USA
E S Law Counselor for Congressman Pete Sessions Dallas, Texas, USA
D Layman church member who conducts Bible studies in his home Houston, Texas, USA
Dr Lightfoot chiropodist somewhere, USA
Mr Loncar
(pronounced "Lawn-Car")
attorney specializing in
property damage and
automobile accidents
Dallas, Texas, USA
Frank Longo creator of "The World's Longest Sudoku Puzzle" New York, New York, USA
Ryan Longwell NFL kicker Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
John Madden NFL coach prone to throwing sideline fits Oakland, California, USA
Bernard Madoff stockbroker who madoff with other people's money Raleigh, Carolina, USA
Hummie Mann composer Hollywood, California, USA
Frank Military writer & producer of NCIS Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
George A Minor composer Richmond, Virginia, USA
D Moron speaker at a mental illness awareness meeting somewhere, USA
D Nail construction worker somewhere, USA
D Nest owner of a tree service DFW, Texas, USA
Pane & Burns tattoo artists Billings, Montana, USA
Red Parker car lot owner Fordyce, Arkansas, USA
Sandy Parker volunteer at Saguaro N. P. (a sandy park) Tucson, Arizona, USA
C. Carson Parks writer of the song "Cab Driver"
(I pronounce it "See cars in parks.")
Waynesville, North Carolina, USA
Dr Payne dentist Dallas, Texas, USA
J Cash Penney entrepreneur Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Mr Policy NFL executive somewhere, USA
Michael Popper driver who "popped off" 11 shots at another driver during a road rage incident Miami-Dade, Florida, USA
Alto Reed saxophone player, Silver Bullet Band Detroit, USA
Mr Rom computer science teacher Lawrence, Kansas, USA
Philander Rodman Jr. man who has fathered 29 children (incl. Dennis)
by 16 different women
Manila, Philippines
Billie Rose florist Canton, Texas, USA
Samantha Sang singer Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ms Schooler teacher Richardson, Texas, USA
Mr Sekutera my typing teacher,
whose name I pronouned "sek-uh-tair-ee"
York, Nebraska, USA
Pete Sessions congressman 5th Congressional District, Texas
John Settle attorney Dallas, Texas
Mark Shuttleworth the second "tourist" to be shuttled to a
space station, a ride that cost $20,000,000.
somewhere, South Africa
Tony Sick Medicaid businessman Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
Skip Snow expert on subtropical wildlife Everglades, Florida, USA
D Story newsletter editor somewhere, USA
Ann Straddling eponym of a horse museum Ruidoso, New Mexico, USA
Trigger dog who stepped on a gun, resulting in his owner being shot Avilla, Indiana
Jim Troublefield insurance agent somewhere, USA
B Turnipseed director of the seed lab at South Dakota State University Brookings, South Dakota, USA
Jerry B Vague candidate for alderman somewhere, USA
Marilyn vos Savant woman in record books for highest IQ New York City, New York, USA
R Waterfield teacher of a masterclass for musicians
who want to play on cruise ships
somewhere, USA
Doug Weed man who talked with George W Bush about his drug use
Hey Man, I really DUG WEED back then.
somewhere, USA
Wang Wei
(pronounced "Wong Way")
fighter pilot who collided with U.S. spy plane somewhere, China
B White my high school principal who fought
desegregation in the 1960s
Eupora, Mississippi, USA
Amy Winehouse alcoholic singer London, England, UK
Rev Jamyi Witch jail chaplain who is a Wiccan Waupun, Wisconsin, USA
T Woodward carpenter somewhere, USA
Tiger Woods Asian-African-American golfer Isleworth, Florida, USA
Ms Yungclas elementary school teacher Richardson, Texas, USA

Appropriate place names:
place note location
Bedford home of Sleep HealthCenter Massachusetts, USA
Kinki seven police officers got drunk
and took a nude romp at a resort
Little Hope cemetery Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA
Pray home of Yellowstone Bible Camp Montana, USA

Other interesting or fun-to-say names:
name note hometown
Heaven Leigh Angel   Lawrence County, Arkansas, USA
Million Ayres   somewhere, Texas, USA
Angela Angelo   Plano, Texas, USA
Mary Berry quite contrary Oakley, Kansas, USA
Pink Bunn a man; wife's name is Silvia Roswell, Georgia, USA
Candy Cane   Highland, New York, USA
Cora Flora   Quinter, Kansas, USA
Scott Free   Newkirk, Oklahoma, USA
Helene Gass listed on the rolls as
"Gass, Helene"
Hays, Kansas, USA
Holly Green & Hunter Green sisters somewhere, USA
Mark Hall listed on the rolls as
"Hall, Mark"
Plano, Texas, USA
Carmelita Herberholz   Dickinson, North Dakota, USA
Margaret Kennecke-Wieneke "KIN-uh-kee WIN-uh-kee" somewhere, Texas, USA
Michaela Kostelecky   Gladstone, North Dakota, USA
Heather Leathers   Florence, Alabama, USA
Crystal Shanda Leer   Minot, North Dakota, USA
Emily Lemley esp. when you say
"Em'ly Lemley"
Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Star Light   Zebulon, North Carolina, USA
Rusty Nail   DFW, Texas, USA
Jemetta Pigg   somewhere, USA
Dusty Rhoades   Ottawa, Kansas, USA
Hy Hoe Silva   Waimea, Hawai'i, USA
Rocky Stone   Rio Vista, California, USA

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