de of Today I hope to finish my video of Madrid. to top
la oficina office He bought a new desk for his office. to top
el agente officer Excuse me, Officer, I have lost my wallet. to top
a menudo often Cab drivers often do not have change for a large bill. to top
el aceite oil Those two go together like oil and vinegar. to top
viejo old Their car is very old and does not run. to top
en on
Much of New York City is on the island of Manhattan, so don't miss the breathtaking boat trip all the way around by the Circle Line--the very best way to see the city skyline. to top
sobre on
This is a book on photography. to top
anaranjado orange
I have an orange T-shirt. to top
la naranja orange
I would like part of that orange. to top
pedir order Would you like to order dessert? to top
nuestro our Is this our bus? to top