la tierra land For the native Algonquins this land would be their home until the arrival of the first settlers nearly one hundred years later. to top
el idioma language
This book is for learning the language at home. to top
la lengua language
The beginner will find that self-confidence and a sense of humor will be the best approach to speaking another language. to top
grande large Is it that building with the large green sign? to top
último last Oh, yes! That's the last year of high school. to top
tarde late Are we late? to top
más tarde later Can you come to our party later? to top
perezoso lazy Why do you call me lazy? to top
aprender learn They ought to learn. to top
la piel leather Is this leather or plastic? to top
salir leave Would you be willing to leave on two days' notice? to top
la pierna leg I think my leg is broken. to top
la lección lesson I am studying my lesson. to top
la biblioteca library She spent the day in the library. to top
la vida life That's life. to top
probable likely These will likely be less expensive than eating out all the time. to top
la lista list Here is a list of the charges. to top
poco little Chinatown is now a thriving area of trade and restaurants--nowhere else in the city can you eat so well for so little. to top
la niña little girl The little girl has grown a lot. to top
la sala living room We'll have coffee in the living room. to top
largo long This book is very long. to top
mirar look I am afraid to look. to top
mucho lot, a My parents work a lot as usual. to top
el altavoz loudspeaker Yes, please put it on the loudspeaker. Oh, there he is. to top
la suerte luck You and I are lucky. to top