yo I I don't speak Spanish. to top
el hielo ice Can you please bring us some ice and a bottle of wine? to top
la enfermedad illness I was so sad to hear about your illness. to top
importante important It is important to be able to make yourself understood so that you can state the problem simply. to top
en in Today I am going to see my aunt and uncle, and I will film a commercial in Madrid. to top
la industria industry From captains of industry to cabbies, everyone keeps an eye on the stock market. to top
el seguro insurance Where can I buy flight insurance? to top
inteligente intelligent And you are very intelligent. to top
internacional international The skyscraper skyline is the international symbol for New York City. to top
la isla island How the immigrants on Ellis Island must have yearned to enter the promised land. to top
su its The most famous center of money-making here is the New York Stock Exchange with its neo-classical façade. to top