Rock musicians named PETER who were born on February 13th.
Isn't that cosmic?

Peter Tork . . . born February 13, 1942 . . .
played bass and guitar (and sometimes keyboards) and sang with The Monkees. This means that he won an audition for a TV show more because of his personality than for his musicianship.
Peter Gabriel . . . born February 13, 1950 . . .
vocalist and flutist, was a founding member of Genesis and gave them their art-rock image. He went on to a successful solo career while drummer Phil Collins took over lead vocals. (Gabriel appears in another L.A.T.)
Peter Hook . . . born February 13, 1956 . . .
(not to be confused with Captain Pan) is a respected bassist from Manchester who played for Joy Division and New Order before beginning his band Monaco.

Michael Ellis figured this one out in a matter of seconds!

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