organizations whose initials are anagrams of each other

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union
ACUL Alabama Credit Union League
ALUC Airport Land Use Commission
AUCL AME Undergrad Computer Lab
AULC Association of University Language Centres
CALU Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting
CAUL Council of Australian University Librarians
CLUA Children's Literature Association of Utah
CUAL Credit Underwriting Agency Limited
CULA Credit Union Leasing of America
LACU Latin American Cultural Union
LAUC Librarians Association of the University of California
LCUA Lutheran Credit Union of America
LUAC Lancaster University Archery Club
UACL Ullrich Aluminium Company Limited
UALC University of Alaska Learning Cooperative
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
ULAC University Library Advisory Council
ULCA Universal Life Church of Angels

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