terms shared by the games of baseball and bridge

baseball card

There are many such terms. Here is a sampling:

CALL  BASEBALL a judgment or ruling made by the official
BRIDGE a bid, a double, a redouble, or a pass
(In square dancing, it's an instruction the official will pass to the participants.)
CONTRACT  BASEBALL an agreement to play for a given time and monetary amount
BRIDGE a bet to take a given number of tricks
(In organized crime, it's an agreement to do a number on an enemy.)
DECK  BASEBALL the theoretical place where the next batter waits
BRIDGE the entire set of cards used
(In boating, it's a good place to watch the sun set.)
DOUBLE  BASEBALL a hit that gets the batter to second base
BRIDGE a special bid that is made over an opponent's bid
(In the movies, it's a stand-in to take a hit or to film a special shot.)
GRAND SLAM  BASEBALL a home run hit with the bases loaded
BRIDGE a contract of seven points
(At Denny's, it's a home-style meal eaten around seven a.m.)
RUBBER  BASEBALL the rectangular spot where the pitcher stands
BRIDGE best two out of three games in a line
(In Great Britain, it's an eraser for a spot or line drawn in pencil.)
SACRIFICE  BASEBALL a deliberate out for the batter benefitting someone on base
BRIDGE a too-high bid to throw off the opponents' contract
(In parenting, it's getting the kids out of the house and off to college.)

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