American actors who became politicians

not to be confused with politicians who are pretty good actors

It is interesting that, although Hollywood seems to be full of liberal activists, the people coming out of there who actually run for office tend to be conservative.

SALVATORE (SONNY) BONO* songwriter and actor Republican mayor of Palm Springs, California
U.S. congressman from California
CLINT EASTWOOD movie star and director Republican mayor of Carmel, California
FRED GRANDY Gopher on "Love Boat" moderate
U.S. congressman from Iowa
BEN JONES Cooter on "Dukes Of Hazzard" conservative
U.S. congressman from Virginia
RONALD REAGAN movie and T.V. star Republican governor of California
president of U.S.
ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER action movie star Republican governor of California
FRED THOMPSON D.A. on "Law And Order" Republican U.S. senator from Tennessee,
short-time presidential candidate
honorable mention:
JERRY DOYLE Michael Garibaldi on "Babylon 5" Republican ran for
U.S. congressman from California

There are apparently only a few other actors who are politically conservative.
Here are some reputed to be so:

  1. Stephen Baldwin
  2. Delta Burke
  3. Dean Cain (a "registered Republican though not a staunch one")
  4. Dixie Carter
  5. Bo Derek
  6. Robert Duvall
  7. Jeff Foxworthy (endorsed Romney)
  8. Andy Garcia
  9. JoAnna Garcia (Cheyenne on "Reba")
  10. Mel Gibson (called conservative by liberals)
  11. Kelsey Grammer
  12. Angie Harmon
  13. Elisabeth Hasselbeck (of "The View")
  14. Patricia Heaton (of "Everybody Loves Raymond")
  15. Charlton Heston
  16. Dennis Hopper (part-time conservative?)
  17. Victoria Jackson
  18. Shirley Jones
  19. Cheryl Ladd
  20. Jackie Mason
  21. Dennis Miller (prime-time political show host)
  22. Ricardo Montalban
  23. Chuck Norris
  24. Adam Sandler
  25. Telly Savalas
  26. Ron Silver (a "9/12 Republican")
  27. Sylvester Stallone
  28. Ben Stein (former speechwriter for Nixon)
  29. Vince Vaughn
  30. Jon Voight
  31. Clint Walker
  32. James Woods

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* The people who worked on his campaigns did their work Pro-Bono.