commercial names

that are names of nations* with their first & last letters removed

AIWA TAIWAN stereo manufacturer
ANAM PANAMA software company
CELAN ICELAND manufacturer of network products
EBANO LEBANON manufacturer of household products
ENMAR DENMARK shipping agency
ERMAN GERMANY on-line shopping service
ETHERLAND NETHERLANDS on-line music supplier
GAND UGANDA musician's superstore
HUTA BHUTAN beppin, huzoku, chinpin, tousatu, sokkin, etc.
IBERI LIBERIA music equipment supplier
OLAN POLAND web site developer
ONAC MONACO production company
ORE KOREA manufacturer of offshore positioning systems
TAL ITALY web site developer
UNGAR HUNGARY on-line search facility
UNISI TUNISIA cyber campus
WAND RWANDA global trade directory

NOTE: There are a lot more instances if we include businesses who go by initials.
For example:
GYP EGYPT global yellow pages

Lien À Trois

*but not necessarily the nations where the companies are based