Equal Rights

The Cowboy State

Cowboy State

Equality State

Big Wyoming

Sagebrush State NV

Name: large prairie place (Algonquian)

Distinction: Wyoming has the largest concentration of geysers in the world.
Geographic Oddity: In Wyoming, there is a place where the Great Divide divides. There is an area where there is no outlet to either ocean.

Famous Native: Curt Gowdy ~ sportscaster and state park eponym
Famous Small Town: Cody [pop.10K] ~ rodeo capital of the world

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Devils Tower
  Man-Made = Old Faithful Inn

Favorite City Name: Ten Sleep

Something you might hear a Sagebrusher say: "It doesn't take long to examine a hot horseshoe."

Little Known Factoid: Wyoming is home to . . .

If I could live anywhere in Wyoming, it would be on a ranch in that space between Yellowstone and Grand Teton.