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3 stars, representing East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee

Volunteer State

Big Bend State

Hog And Hominy State

Mother Of Southwestern Statesmen

The Three States Of Tennessee
Name: Indian villages (Cherokee)

Distinction: Tennessee thinks it's three separate states: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee. They are represented by the three stars on the state flag.
Geographic Oddity: The geography of Tennessee divides it naturally into three distinct regions: East Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and West Tennessee.

Famous Native
of East Tennessee:
Davy Crockett ~ king of the wild frontier
of Middle Tennessee: Kitty Wells ~ first chart-topping female country singer
of West Tennessee: Cybill Shepherd ~ a Christian Pagan Buddhist who dated Elvis Presley

Famous Small Town
in East Tennessee:
Rocky Top [pop.1.8K] ~ named after a song, not the other way around
in Middle Tennessee: Goodlettsville [pop.18K] ~ HQ for Dollar General and Tyson Foods
in West Tennessee: Hollow Rock [pop.<1K] ~ site of a mysterious rock of unknown composition

Notable Landmark
in East Tennessee:
Knoxville's Sunsphere
in Middle Tennessee: Nashville's Batman Building
in West Tennessee: Memphis' Pyramid

Favorite City Names: Soddy-Daisy, East Tennessee ¤ Littlelot, Middle Tennessee ¤ Nankipoo, West Tennessee

Something you might hear a Tennessean volunteer: "I'm from East Tennessee."-or- "I'm from Middle Tennessee."-or- "I'm from West Tennessee."

  • If I could live anywhere in East Tennessee, it would be at Chalet Village, in the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • If I could live anywhere in Middle Tennessee, it would be near Sparta, by Burgess Falls.
  • If I could live anywhere in West Tennessee, it would be on Beall Street in Memphis, where my R&B band would play music from my roof, and the people on the street below would look up and say, "Hey, can y'all keep it down, for crying out loud?!"

Little Known Factoid: Did I mention . . .