The State Of

The Ocean State

And Providence Plantations

Ocean State

Plantation State

Little Rhody

Name: for a Greek island

Distinction: Rhode Island is the smallest geograhically, but it has the longest official name, "The State Of Rhode Island And Providence Plantations."
Geographic Oddity: You're never far from tidewater when you're in the Ocean State—although the greatest north-south distance is under fifty miles and the greatest east-west distance is under forty miles, it has 400 miles of coastline. And yet, Rhode Island's high point at Jerimoth Hill is slightly higher than that of Mississippi, where Woodall Mountain is 300 miles inland!

Famous Native: RUTH BUZZI ~ comedienne
Famous Small Town: Block Island [pop.1K] ~ a.k.a. New Shoreham, summer tourist destination

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Block Island
  Man-Made = Castle Hill Lighthouse

Favorite City Name: Quonochontaug

Something you might hear a Rhodester say: "Wicked!"
(This can either mean really good or really bad, as in "We had a wicked [really good] trip to Boston, other than the wicked [really bad] weather.")

Little Known Factoid: The oceanfront areas of Rhode Island . . .

If I could live anywhere in Rhode Island, it would be in Bristol, on a peninsula in Narragansett Bay.