Liberty And Union, Now And Forever, One And Inseparable

Leading Producer Of Spring Wheat And Durum

Flickertail State

Roughrider Country

Peace Garden State

Sioux State

Name: friends (Dakota)

Distinction: North Dakota is the most dependent on agriculture for its economy.
Geographic Oddity: Believe it or not, North Dakota is home to another continental divide, one that separates the Atlantic watershed from that of the Arctic Ocean. Check it out!

Famous Native: Lawrence Welk ~ accordionist & bandleader
Famous Small Town: Medora [pop.<1K] ~ gateway to Teddy Roosevelt N. P.

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Killdeer Mountains
  Man-Made = Salem Sue

Favorite City Name: Zap

Something you might hear a Flickertail say: "Uff da!"
(Pronounced "OOF duh.")

Little Known Factoid: Theodore Roosevelt claimed . . .

If I could live anywhere in North Dakota, it would be in Medora, just outside of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.