Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere

The Cotton State

Heart Of Dixie

Cotton State

Yellowhammer State

Name: tribal town (Creek)

Distinction: Alabama has the highest concentration of rocket scientists, in Huntsville.
Geographic Oddity: Though not part of the Union during the civil war, Alabama has towns named Union, Union Grove, Union Hill, Union Springs, Uniontown, and another Union Grove.

Famous Native: Helen Keller ~ deafblind activist
Famous Small Town: Selma [pop.18K] ~ home of civil rights marches

Notable Landmarks:
  Natural = Monte Sano State Park
  Man-Made = The Boll Weevil Monument

Favorite City Name: Sunny South

Something you might hear a Yellowhammer say: "I'd like an RC Cola and a Moon Pie."

Little Known Factoid: The Indians used cotton . . .

If I could live anywhere in Alabama, it would be on that long island in the Tennessee River by Bridgeport.