Typoes & Mipsrints

One of my pet peeves is the abuse of the apostrophe. One common infraction is the use of "it's" as a possessive pronoun. I have also seen "her's" and "their's," so it is just a matter of time before I see something like, "John really enjoyed hi's birthday present!" (See the quote below from Sean_Driscoll.) Click on the image on the right to see the full-size copy of an ad that appeared in the Dallas Morning News. Then see if you can spot "it's glaring misprint." And speaking of cats . . . well, we'll get to that shortly. (Someone would probably write, "We'll, well get to that.")

I admit that, especially in English, spelling is confusing. For example,
There are three ways to spell two (to, too)
and three ways to spell four (for, fore).
Still, it can be entertaining reading other people's miss takes.

There are many examples of this traveling through cyberspace. People place call-in orders for cakes, and the order takers can't always hear the quotation marks! So if the caller says, “I want the cake to say, ‘Best Wishes Suzanne,’ and underneath that, ‘We will miss you,’” the result might look like this:

Here is the dashboard parking permit I received when visiting Seven Falls in Colorado Springs. Notice the swapping of "YOU" and "YOUR." If your get to go there, mine hope you trip is as good as I was.

I figured it was inevitable. Ever since I heard of Plano, Texas, I guessed that those people who use a "single stick" for the letter L when otherwise printing in all caps, would lead others to believe there is a city named Piano, Texas. Well, here is an excerpt from a store locator found on-line. (Notice that in addition to a "Piano Store," they also have a "Six Fiags Store." I'm surprised that isn't located in the city of "ARIINGTON.")

I received this invitation to a fundraising dinner. Here's the response card with the identifying info obscured. I might sponsor a table, but for how much? If they are using the European-style decimal separator, I can do it for $1. However, if that's a misplaced comma, I can't afford the ten thousand bucks!

Closing story:
A certain memo service uses a human operator to type a message dictated via a telephone call. One caller dictated the message, "Please send XYZ report to John Doe at EDS-dot-com." The operator typed the following: "Please send xyz report to johndoe@idiots.com."

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