I think it's ironic . . .

A cyclist rides a bike.
A biker rides a cycle.
At our daughter's school concerts, the second band plays first.
At our daughter's school concerts, the first band plays second.
At my office, the systems group has team meetings.
At my office, the Web team has group meetings.
A naturalist studies nature.
A naturist prefers to be au naturel.
God is dead, according to Nietsche.
Nietsche is dead, according to God.
(Nietsche is god, according to The Dead.)
Iceland is mostly covered in green.
Greenland is mostly covered in ice.
In the mail, I receive a bill and pay for it with a check.
In the restaurant, I receive a check and pay for it with a bill.
Many women want body in their hair.
Many women want no hair on their bodies.
North Dakota has some hills named "The Killdeer Mountains."
South Dakota has some mountains named "The Black Hills."
Put all the suits in the garment bag.
Put all the other garments in the suitcase.
The privates eat in a general mess.
The general eats in a private mess.
We drive on the parkway.
We park in the driveway.
When we transport something by car, it's a shipment.
When we transport something by ship, it's cargo.
Parting Thought:
I have a drawer full of screwdrivers, none of which have cords, but they are not classified as "cordless."
Now, here's a picture of a cordless screwdriver:

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