. . . don't seem to say as many dumb things as sports figures do.

"But what I have, I give you." (Acts 3:6)


  1. And now, we will play a selection of tunes from World War Eye.
    Lawrence Welk, reading from a cue card
  2. At no time do their fingers ever leave their hands.
    Don Ellis, introducing "Bulgarian Bulge," a very fast piece
  3. . . . at some ungodly hour of the morning. Probably around noon.
    Chaka Khan, referring to a meeting she attended
  4. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been a real deep thinker and stuff.
    Billy Ray Cyrus
  5. [He's] a longtime Philadelphia native.
    a deejay talking about a jazz musician
  6. Since my phone still ain't ringin', I assume it still ain't you.
    country artist Randy Travis
  7. This was our first bust hit-bound single that never was a bust hit-bound single.
    Terry Kath, original guitarist for Chicago
  8. We all know none of us in this room wouldn't be here for Michael Jackson.
    Lil Wayne, hip-hop artist
  9. Why not? — What? — Why not? — Why should I not send it? — Why should I not dispatch it? — Why not? — Strange! I don't know why I shouldn't—Well, then—you will do me this favor.— Why not? — Why should you not do it? — Why not? — Strange! I shall do the same for you, when you want me to. Why not? Why should I not do it for you? Strange! Why not? — I can't think why not?
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, in a letter to his cousin
  10. You know, we do more than just sing and dance. We've got a brain, too.
    Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson, reported in Huntsville Times
A certain mail-order music service sent me an offer: "12 CDs for the price of 1; nothing more to buy ever!" The literature I received in the mail insisted that "THIS OFFER IS ONLY FOR YOU and is not transferable." I accessed their web site to see a bigger selection. You will not believe the offer that greeted me: "12 CDs for the price of 1; nothing more to buy ever!" Obviously they knew it was ONLY ME accessing the site!

Their intro for the album "Gato Barbieri's Finest Hour" said, "One hour of Gato's best soaring, inimitable sax from the 1970s . . ."     Then the review on the same page said, "A ten-track sampling of the career of Latin jazz trumpeter Gato Barbieri . . ."     I have one of his CDs, and I have to admit, that is pretty good sax playing . . . for a jazz trumpeter.


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