examples of run-on sentences

These are hardly worth a page of their own.
You would quickly tire of reading very much.
Call it a subpage with a handful of examples.
These are actual quotes from social media.

Terrible I hate this place I go 5minutes out of my way so I can come here to get a piggy bank and when I went to the cashier she said that It was 10 dollars and so I showed her a picture I took on my phone of the tag and she came back cuz she had to check it like she thought a someone would lie to her seriously come on and she still charged me 10 dollars cuz the tag was in the wrong place so I would say go to target and get the same piggy bank for 6 dollars thanks Walmart this one person that will never go back to your store plus it's filthy and everything is all screwed up and out of place.
Hi neighbors after the pandemic and after getting vaccinated time has come to be back in workforce my husband utilized his time in getting certified in Salesforce while staying at home due to pandemic however its hard to break into the new career he has 14 years of help desk experience at Verizon however he has improved himself by studying Salesforce now how to get experience in new environment any one knows any companies hiring entry level sales force administrators or any companies hiring as internal help desk I am looking for some one where he can actually hands out his resume or get referral he has been trying to apply on all the job platforms available online LinkedIn, . . .
   That was just up to the first comma!