Tue 17: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Wed 18: Pretty much same as last two days, except for the part about the socks.

Thu 19: Totally opposite as yesterday.

Fri 20: Pretty much same as two weeks ago, except there was only one sock involved.

Sun 22: Feel like I lost a hole day.

Mon 23: Typical monday.

Tue 24: Watched a lot of TV today. Very educational. Found out actors are not real people.

Wed 25: Watched even more TV today. Have a list of things to ask my doctor about.

Thu 26: TV broken. Made appt with my doctor.

Fri 27: Pretty much same as yesterday, except for the part about making appt with my doctor.

Sat 28: Slept in. Dreamed I was Donkey Hotee (sp?), but instead of Sanchoe, my sidekick was sort of a cross betw Kermit the frog & Johnny Binch.

Sun 29th: tried to draw pix of sidekick from my dream. Kermit looked more like a horned lizard and the binch was kind of a settee.

Mon 30: Work was stressful, so stopped on way home to buy some new socks. Got a great deal on some argiles (sp?) And found some w team logo. Not sure what team.

Tue 1st: Did some research on sports teams. Got sidetracked reading about sporrans.

Wed: was abducted by illegal aliens for a couple of hours. Got tour of their spacecraft or ufo or whatever. They looked a lot like horned lizards only without the horns.

Thu 3: Went to visit Uncle Fred after work. Never thought about how much he looks like dad.

Fri 4: Pretty much same as yesterday. Except went straight home after work. Except for quick stop at the package store. Got a package right size and shape for a model airplane. Except for the wings.

Sat 5: Great to have a day off work. Felt lazy. Doodled. Drew a great picture of a settee. French Providential style.

Mon 6. Actually Uncle Fred looks more like Johnny Binch.

Tue 7: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Wed 8: Showed up for my haircut appt. Then I remembered Im bald. Saw my reflection in shop window. Too embarrased to go in.

Thu 9: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Fri 10: Realized that was a dr appt not haircut.

Sat 111: Called to make new appt. Dr office was closed.

Sun 12: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Mon 13: Typical Monday. Except for my socks. Had a hole in one. Wish I'd been playing golf. Get it?

Tue 14: Got a call from doctor office today. Guess why.

Wed 15: Hot &humid today. Unusual for this time of year. Hate what it does to my hair.

Thu 16: Woke up from another weird dream. Except this time it was salamanders. (Wierd sp?)

Fri 17: Hard to belive it's been one month to the day since the BIG EVENT! (Beleive sp?)

Sat 18: Slept in. Thinking about maybe growing a pony tail.

Sun 19th: Don't have much time to write in the journal today. Need to run a bunch of aarons today. Going to model airplane store. Have to go by and feed a friend's dog while he's out of town. Think he went to Boston. Massachusets (sp?)not Georgia I assume. Georgia's probably hot &humid this time of year. Don't know what breed he is. (The dog.) But he sure eats a lot. Maybe he's a great dame. Or something like that. Lots of cool stuff in Boston. Fenway park, Boston Common, Freedom Trail, amphibious (sp?) busses, reindeer in Oro Stewart's yard. No wait, that's Anchorage. Some bar Where Everybody Knows Your Name. Except after a profitable happy Hour where nobody even remembers there own name.

Monday 20: Big oops. That was last week my ex-friend went to Boston. Not invited to dog's funeral.

Tue 21: Too much stress at work -- need to take a brake from writing in journal. Will get back to it one day.

Wed 22: Wowsers! Seems like only yesterday I was writing in this journal. But the brake was just what I needed. Feeling a lot lessed stressed these days.

Thu 23rd: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Fri: Did something totally crazy yesterday. Checked into an insane asylum. Just kidding. Went by pet store & bought a horned lizard. Named him Socks. And that's not the crazy part.

Sat 25: Typical Monday.

Sun 26: Turns out it was the Anaheim Ducks. And argyle is spelled argyle. Ain't the inter net great?

Mon 27: Boots ran out in front of a car today. So sad. Going way too fast on a residential street! It was such a pretty car. Metallic blue. Oh well, at least Boots is OK.

Tue 28: Told a friend at work about Boots. He said, why didn't he honk one of his horns? Get it?

Wed 29: Typical Humpday.

Thu 30: Pretty much same as yesterday.

Fri 1: Signed up for moovdoping (sp?) lessons. According to the ad, it's kind of a cross between bungy jumping and crosscountry skiing. All equipment provided. Fee includes accident insurance. No pets allowed. Thought i'd use some of my birthday money.

Sat 2: So excited about lessons next weekend!

Sun 3: Only 6 more days! Can' t wait!

Mon 4: Tried to do a little research on muvdopping. Stupid inter net!

Tue 5: Having trouble concentrating at work. Thinking about this weekend.

Wed 6: Just remembered. Didn't get any birthday money this year. Or last year. Or the year I turned 23. Oh well, I can treat myself. I'm worth it. Can't wait!

Thu: only 27 hours and fourteen minutes until I can shuttle off this moral coil and head for my first muvdropping lesson!

Fri 8: Several things went wrong at work today. Copier broke. Spilled coffee on my day planner. Had a coworker accused of sectionally harraassing one of our foreign employees. And then they announced that there will be another re-org next month. I might get transferred to the L.A. office. I bet New Orleans is hot & humid this time of year. Oh well, maybe I can score some tix to the Lakers games. Came home, put my feet up, made myself a rootbeer float. Not in that order. Might just fall asleep in my lazyboy.

Sat 9: Same as yesterday, but w/o the stress at work. Of course, since I'm off on Saturdays!

Sun 10: Another day, another root beerfloat.

Mon 11: Great to be back at work after a weekend of pretty much doing nothing!

Tue 12: Bad news about Lance. He really is being sued for sectional harrassment. Funny part is, the accuser is named Sue! But she's foreign, so it might be spelled Sioux.

Wed 13: Heard today that Soo (found out that's how she spells it) dropped the suit against my good friend Lants. Found out that's how he spells it. That makes no sense to me.

Thu 14: Typical Humpday.

Fri 15: Boots and I are going to the newly redesigned iguana park this evening. (Yes, they allow horned lizards! But no salamanders.)

Sat 16: Had a great time at the iguana park last night. The new lighting is fantastic. The lizard run is very flashy looking. The drinking fountains are made to look like little waterfalls. A big crowd -- that could be considered a draw back, but I thought it added to the excite ment. I struck up a conversation with a lady named Sue -- big coincidence! Was pretty wiped when i fell into bed, but it was well worth the $11. Hopefully next time I'll remember to take Boots.

Sat 17: Totally opposite as last saterday.

Sun 18: Big commotion in the neighborhood. Never heard what happened. I'll check the news tonight. Oh duh. I never got my Tv fixed.

Mon 19: Speaking of hearing what happened, I got it wrong last week. Soo dropped the SOUP against Lants. I think he should counter Sue. That oughtta be considered sectional harasment too.

Tue 20: Totally forgot something very important. Starting to get worried about memory loss. Maybe should get therapy or go to a workshop or take one of those courses. Probably some tips to be found on the inter net.

Wed 21: Great day considering it was hump day. Ran into Sue from the iguana park. Said scuse me. She said no my fault. Had a nice conversation.

Thu 22: Pretty humid again today.

Fri 23: Still can't remember what it was. Uncle Fred says that happened to him alot when he had a stress full job. I think he was an entomologist (sp?) or air traffic controller or some thing like that. I said walk a mile in my shoes. He said really.

Sat 24: When I got to work this morning I knew some thing was horribly wrong was totally empty.

Sun 25: My right neck has really been hurting the last few days. Need to make doc appt but of course there closed today. Heard its really been humid in Boston this month.

Mon 26: Pretty much same.

Tue 27: Have to run a bunch of aarons after work. Better make a list, right? May be I can get off early. Get it?

Hum 28: Definitely need to call dr tomorrow to make that appt.

Fri 30: End of month! Yay! Stopped at Sonic on way home.

Sat 31: Wearing my Anahiem Ducks socks today. Cool logo. Never seen them play. New goal in life!

Sun 1: Another lazy boy day.

Mon 2: Gotta get that T V fixed before baseball season gets here.

Tue 3: Going over to Lantss house tonight -- my good pal who has a TV. All night Friends marathon. Can't wait. All day been humming Where Everybody Knows Your Name.

Wed 4th: Not feeling stressed at all today. Amazing what a good night's sleep will do!!!!

Sat: Boots and I spent all afternoon at iguana park. Hot and humid. Felt like we were in Baton Rough or some other part of L.A. Hope I don't have to move their! Wouldn't bother Boots tho.

Sun 8; Starting to wonder if it s silly for my B.F.F. to be a horned lizard. Should probably call & make a doctor appt. Could be worse. At least I'm not setting around watching T. V. 24+7. Should probably call Lants or Uncle Fred or some one.

Mon 9: or Sue?

Tue 10: Boots did something reeeeally funny today. Laughed my head off. Guess a lizard BFF is not such a bad thing.

Wed 11: Still laughing about yesterday. Sue would love it, true?