Political Cartoons

I drew these as a project for a couple of U.S. history classes in college. In each case, I have assigned a year to indicate when a cartoon would have been relevant, had it appeared at that time.
These have been "modified to fit your screen." You may click on any to open one actual size (or scalable).


People were all about appearances, whether they could afford it or not.


Henry Ward Beecher was an early proponent of the notion that the Bible and evolution could both be true.


Unfairly administered "literacy tests" were given in an attempt to exclude blacks from the voting process.


Based on a statement in the text, something like "President Taft pulled to the right while former president Roosevelt and other Republican leaders pulled to the left."


Christian Scientists denied the existence of the physical world.


Alvin Kelly was the original "flagpole sitter." (Male character in cartoon is based on Burr Shafer's J. Wesley Smith.)


FDR's alphabet soup.


Senator McCarthy's hearings to identify communists among us sounded like a witch hunt to me.


No meaning here. Just a silly limerick.


This one must have been based on something the professor said in class, because he called it "a personal dig at the teacher."

Did I mention that said teacher was my father?