Letter Openers


A+= A-frame(style of house)
B+= B movie(cheaply made film)
C+= C-clamp(all-purpose holder)
D+= D day(scheduled event)
E+= E-mail(paperless communication)
F+= f-stop(camera setting)
G+= G-man(FBI agent)
H+= H-bomb(ultra-powerful explosive)
I+= I beam(building material)
J+= J-bar(ski lift type)
K+= K-car(Chrysler line)
L+= L train(Chicago transit)
M+= m dash(punctuation mark)
N+= NSync(pretty boy group)
O+= O-ring(gasket type)
P+= p-jacket(sailor suit)
Q+= Q-ball(electronic billiards game)
R+= R-value(insulation evaluation)
S+= S-curve(shape of various things)
T+= T-bone(classic steak)
U+= U-boat(submarine)
V+= V-8(automobile engine)
W+= W Bush(U.S. president)
X+= X ray(super vision)
Y+= Y-club(social organisation)
Z+= Z-axis(Cartesian coordinate component)

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