Alphabet Soup

ABC Lists
"Can you think of a word in which . . . ?"
Here are three exercises on the roles of each letter of our alphabet.
You could possibly score higher than I did!
. . .
Letter Openers
If you are wearing a V-necked T-shirt . . .
or a G-string under your A-line skirt . . .
you might do well on this X-rated matching game.
. . .
Logo Alphabet
When you see the letter K, you think of Kodak,
if the K is written in a certain style.
What do these letters make you think of?
. . .
I've been monkeying around with a couple of
morphing effects on the alphabet. I'm storing
them here until I find a real use for them.
. . .
Subject To Interpretation
For you, this is a simple reading exercise.
For me, it's a complex psychology experiment.
Just kidding.

Word Wild Web
Dumb Things People Say
Lien À Trois
Elmwood Court