Here are the words I came up with. You may click on a category title for a little detail of some of my thought processes on the categories. You may click on some of the more unusual words for a definition. If you can think of one that fits where I've left blanks, let me know!
  -- The Russler

phonetic Bounds Twins Dummies Rôles
Alpha aha aardvark diamond End Of An Era
Bravo bib abbey plumb Bookstore Opening
Charlie chic occur victuals Fifth Of Scotch
Delta dad odd sangfroid Grand Finale
Echo eye feel yeoman Foregone Conclusion
Foxtrot fief cuff halfpenny The Ultimate In Waterproof
Golf gag egg gnat Tenth Of Everything
Hotel huh hitchhike honest Middle Of Nowhere
India I skiing business Half Of It
Juliet   hajji   Jump Start
Kilo kook knickknack knife The Capital Of Kansas
Lima lull all walk First In Line
Mike mom simmer mnemonic Majority Leader
November nunbunny columnBeethoven's Ninth
Oscar oxo look chocolate Second In Command
Papa pophappen pneumatic Pointy-Head
Quebec    racquet Number One In Quality
Romeo rear arrest catercorner Third In A Series
Sierra sis lass debris Last Of The Mohicans
Tango tat matter depot Beginning Of Time
Uniform uhuru vacuum catalogue Community Center
Victor vav flivver   Central Character In Movie
Whiskey wow powwow wrist Wellesley's Commencement
X-ray xerox coxxa faux Heart Of Dixie
Yankee yummy sayyid daytime Fourth Of July
Zulu   pizza chez Jazz Ending

Another Puzzle:
If you are wearing a V-necked T-shirt or a G-string under your A-line skirt, you might do well on this X-rated matching game.
Letter Openers

Side Trip:
I've been monkeying around with a couple of morphing effects on the alphabet.
I'm storing them here until I find a use for them.
Lower To Upper
Letter To Letter

Word Wild Web
Dumb Things People Say
Lien À Trois
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